THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB believes that your personal information deserves to be protected. You can browse our site without providing any personal information at all. However, if you want to make a purchase, you will need to provide the necessary details.

When you make a purchase online, THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB needs to know your name, the delivery address, your email address, your telephone number and your credit card number and its expiry date. This information allows us to process and track orders. No credit card information is saved on THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB servers.

We may use personal account information and data collected through your personal identification to generate statistics and aggregate reports for internal. Your identity is kept anonymous.

Depending on how you have configured your browser, when you log in to THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB SHOP, a small file - a "cookie" - is stored on your computer's hard drive. The use of "cookies" or "witnesses" on Internet sites has become the rule rather than the exception, and most browsers are programmed to accept them. Witnesses record visit-related information in a small file stored on your hard drive. This information is then used by THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB to simplify your shopping and your navigating. Witnesses store information related to your "travels" on our site. They do not have the required capability to gather other information on your hard disk.

THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB feels that your personal information should be just that - personal. THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB does not sell, rent or make available visitors' non-aggregated specific personal information to anyone other than THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB. 


The efforts made by THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB to protect the personal information that travels on or through its Internet site do not absolve users from assuming the risk that the confidentiality of that information might be broken. Accordingly, THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB disclaims responsibility with respect to damages you may incur as a result of information exchanges with THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB on the Internet.

THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB reserves the right to transmit personal information if required to do so by law or by virtue of regulations, or to protect its rights as well as those of the THE SERIOUS BACON CLUB site users and of its commercial partners.

Security is on our mind as well as yours!